[TKR014] Javonntte – Late Night Sessions LP

Release Date: 2017-04-10
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Album Review

Javonntte may hail from Detroit but his sound more naturally aligns with the likes of Kai Alce and that soulful, bumping Atlanta vibe. This 12" for Troubled Kids makes for a perfect case in point, not least on killer opening track "Walking In The Rain" with its irrepressibly funky groove and on-point vocal turn. "Yes House" takes things in a more stripped direction without compromising on warmth, while "United We Dance" heads towards an even more club-ready approach full of booming bass and sharp swinging drums. That's just the A-side, and with even more soul-powered goodness spilling out of the flip, there can surely be few house heads out there that wouldn't find a loving home for this record.
- Troubled Kids Crew